Youth Issue "Anger" Lyrics

1.Your Face

Now I feel numb
I got a headache
I think I'm dead in my head

I can't see nothing by my eyes
I think I'm blind
I lost my mind

But seriously I'd rather be dead than seeing your face
I'd rather kill myself than hear your words, your ideal
Fuck you


You are not as fool as me
And not even greater than me
You talk shit to me
And you keep yourself fine

Your angers at me
Shorten your fucking life
You live and die with it
Your life is filled with emptinesses

Are you trying to make me be like you?
I wont be like that
I know what's worth for me

Keep away from me
Don't talk to me
Your attitude sucks
I'm sorry but I dont wanna see you again

3.Count Me Out

Walking down along the road
People look at me with the eyes
They don't know why
Because they are just seeing how high

Their faces are all the same
Their minds only feel the same
But my face, my mind
Count me out
Dont expect too much

Slowing down the pace
And look around where you are
Are you satisfied with being there
The faces,they are all the same


1 week old news
We just know it
It's our life problem
Not your secret affairs

How could we trust you?
It happened in a week ago
We should have known it
We should know it

Are you trying to kill us?
You are trying to kill us
Are we all fucked up?
We are all fucked up

Keep it open
Before it's too late
Keep us breathing
Only a few times left

5.Into The Hole

I heard the burst of realities
I walk behind these fears

Get out!
Seriously I want to see what's going on
Knocking those doors didn't work correctly
Who's inside?
Which asshole's making these irritating noises
Get him out and kick him into the hole

Into the hole
No bottom inside
And cut the ropes
it's no longer in need

These fears
That I can't remove from my mind


Who's to blame?
No one predicted this
We are all cursed
Nowhere to go

Soon we'll pretend
We are all fine
When it becomes memories
We lose the past

Burn it
Burn everything
What you love
What it keeps you being you

We are not innocent but not even guilty enough of it

Burned by the world
We see the proof
There is no god

And I know we still have a chance

7.Youth Issue

I don't fucking believe you
You make too much from it, you asshole

Stop looking at me
I won't steal anything from you or your friends

Youth Issue
Fuck you

This is my problem, not yours you know
Thanks for your kindness
And I'd like to say fuck you

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