Lyrics of Hate

1. Stuck

No one cares what you hate
Because your idea is out of date
Posing in front of mirror
You think you look good
But you can't change it with any clothes

Look down from a higher place like you are a king of the world
But all you see is fake, and you're fake, you just hate

Real power is in these words

Spending all night thinking about what you hate
Living your life exposing how fool you are

Stay out of my mind
Stuck inside your world


Ghost is in my head for years
It slowly steals my limited time
Beast it's growing in my mind
Who knows the way to knock it away from me

Time left me here alone
Looking around and everyone's stranger
But my enemy, I never see him
And I know where he is

Don't look back
Just see the reality
Live for myself

Thousand times wasted, this is my life so far
And I know where to go for sure
So let me be free from the past
Then I can walk a bit faster, am I right?

It's about time to make it
It's about time to fight
No time to waste anymore
Now or never, this is possibly last chance
Give it a try
It's about time to change, to be free


Remember the choice you made
When you were still on the rise
My warning you ignored
Remember those words

You said that I am wrong
Because you just hate me
I don't fucking mind the fact that
Now you are down to the lowest

Wasted thousand of times
No more chances
Whatever you say
Your game is over

You see it
You see which they were
My words
Still you can't forget

But it's your choice

4.Get Out

Is my life worthless
In this darkness?
I thought you said so
My sight is still night
And my eye is blind
I can't see how far it is

You are testing me
At the top of the world
I'm looking up at it
But my energy still burns
It wont be ashes
It wont go out

Oh yeah, I just stay here
Without proceeding anymore
And this is my own life
You can't say anything
I won't do what you want me to

So I'll leave here for anywhere else
I'm tired of this shit
I'll leave here soon before you try
To get me out of here


I know the truth
Troubles are always around me
Haters gonna hate
Just leave me alone, leave me alone

I see you
I see what you think about me
I don't fucking care
Because you just hate me, just hate me

Everything went wrong
I thought I'm right
Time has come
Time has changed

6.No Tolerance

You say it's for the world, for the world peace
I don't know what it means but it's clear that
We are not a part of your shitty ideal world
Just because you can't understand how we've been

I'd like to cut your throat to make you mute
It'd be a pleasure if I could stop your heartbeat

No more hide and seek
You got mouth, ears and hands
If you don't see us deserve it
We are ready to flame it back

Cut your throat to keep your mouth off
Choke your neck to shut down your lives
Break it down

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