Dogpile(pre-Rotting Out) Info

I posted theb9 for the info, Mike(the singer for Dogpile, ex-Rotting Out) answered my question.
So here I quoted and saved them. Thanks Mike!

The lineup for Dogpile was the original lineup for RO.

Carlos on guitar
Walter on guitar
Jorge on drums

Richard on bass
Me on vocals

DEMO 2007

There were three different versions:

1. White paper sleeve with photocopied insert. This version contained 5 songs and they were passed out for free at shows. About 200-300 were made.
2. Black digipack with the logo screen printed on the front. This version contained all 10 songs that were recorded. This version was sold at shows. I think we made around 50 of these, although that is a rough guess.
Here is a picture of the digipack

3. We made tapes of the 10 song demo as well. The recording was not the best on the tape so we didnt really sell them. I think 100 were made though. Very few got out.

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