No Choice In This Matter was a Tokyo based Youth Crew, later evolved to so-called Modern Hardcore band formed in 1997.
In the 13 year history, they played numerous shows around Japan.
It's easy to say that they one of most influental hardcore band in Japan.
I can say they made Tokyo oldschool hardcore scene big like now.
They actually were the core of the scene in 00's.
The last show proved it.
Rest In Peace.


+Albums, Singles and Splits
Demo Tape (Self) 1997?
Togetherness (Straight Up Records) 1998
Find Your Way In Time (Imperium Recordings) 2000
Who Laughs In The End? (Imperium Recordings) 2002
For Giving Me Everyday Life, For Giving Me Unordinary Life (Imperium Recordings) 2003
Right There Standing (Imperium Recordings) 2005
Split w/Birthplace (Militia Inc.) 2009

雷音(LION) (Polyster) 1998
Express Our Will (14 All Records) 1998
Express Our Will 2 (14 All Records) 2001
Keep His Friends Alive Even If He Is Gone (Radical East) 2004
Nexpress Our Will 3 (New Experience/Imperium Recordings/Cosmic Note) 2004

Sound Of Silence 2003 DVD (Cosmic Note) 2005

Need to state that The Last Show DVD will be released in 2010


Please remind that this list is NOT complete.
If you know any other releases or I gave wrong information, let me know.

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