1917 Records ripped me off now

They still haven't ship my order which was made in Sept 2009.

I had bad experience with 1917 records, so I asked availability in advance.
Check this out.

2009/08/31 6:57
I saw 1917 warehouse and I wanna ask you a thing.
Is Violation's preorder shirt still available?
I want Violation's shirts!!!

2009/09/01 15:23

what!? He just replied 3 letters?
I should have stopped ordering on this timing.
But I know he's such lazy person in my past experience.
So it's ok if i could get it within the year, 2009.

2009/09/10 23:59
宛先: 1917 Records

I ordered the shirt and CDs on sept. 1st.
when could you send them or already sent?
It took about 3 months last time so I should ask.
My order no is # -------.

This one never read.

2009/10/17 17:13
宛先: 1917 Records

Hey when do u ship my order?it's ok if it's delayed.
I just wanna know when.
My order no is # ---------.

2009/10/19 4:45
宛先: Ray Eighty! a.k.a Chris

Very soon

2009/11/02 3:01
宛先: 1917 Records

how soon is very soon?

2009/11/03 19:18
宛先: Ray Eighty! a.k.a Chris

As soon as l get it all back. My distributor went out of biz, they owe me $12k and all my merch. So just waiting on that.
Check this out: http://www.billboardbulletin.com/bbbiz/content_dis

2009/11/23 1:19
宛先: 1917 Records

ok I feel sorry for the situation.
This recession is really bad for me too.
But it seems it won't get better soon.
Hope you get back your money and ship me the stuff in this year.
If you can't get them back, you won't/can't ship my order?
Sorry if you take this offensive, but I already paid over 50 bucks.

This one didn't get replied.

2010/01/02 0:32
宛先: 1917 Records
Hey it's new year how's it going? u always watch a television.
4 months passed since i ordered.
why u said violation preorder shirt is in stock and after i ordered u've insited it's not available?
it's sooooooooooooooooooo strange

2010/01/04 11:57
宛先: Ray Eighty! a.k.a Chris
we packed up your package last week. should send out this week.

1917 Records
RE: yo it's march i want my merch.
i paid in sept. can u count how many months passed?
u said u made my package ready in Jan so why dont u visit your local post office and ship it?
u need to clean up your room man.
hey what did u do in these 6 months?
u wont ship till sound & fury ends? yeah?

1917 Records
RE: Hey! hows the shipping, man?
1917 Records
RE: Hey! ship or refund, man.
1917 Records
RE: Hey! come on ship mine please.
1917 Records
RE: RE: Hey! Reply me cuz I already paid over 50 bucks. U shipped?it must be done. It's about half a year passsed since I ordered. Thanks.
1917 Records
RE: RE: Hey! Hi. Is mine shipped?thanks.
1917 Records
RE: Hey! shipped?
1917 Records
RE: Hey! great! thanks.

And these never got replied.

and his last word is just "ok".

It's worst mistake that I paid this fucker.
come on riley ship it.

since he didn't read myspace message, i posted his myspace to the same message.
it needs approvement, so he must read it.

if you read all, you notice he has no consequence.
maybe he lies often in real life, not only in the internet.
fucking helpless guy.
don't believe this asshole, stop doing sound and fury.

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