REVHQ FUN FACT January 1, 2010

Ever wonder if Mike Judge -- creator of Beavis & Butthead, King
Of The Hill, Office Space, Extract and the incredibly underrated
Idiocracy -- is familiar with the Mike Judge we've all known and
loved since the "New York Crew" 7"?

Well, our friend Ryan J. Downey had a chance to ask Mike Judge
(the Texan) about Mike Judge (of NY hardcore fame) at this past
year's San Diego Comic-Con. Ryan was there with MTV News when
Judge came to the MTV skybox with the cast of Extract.

As Mike Judge exited after the interviews, Downey stopped him
and asked if he'd ever heard of the "hardcore singer Mike
Judge." He said yes and that he used to be a musician himself,
playing standup bass in rockabilly bands. When he was playing in
clubs he'd hear about the "other" Mike Judge from time to time.

Downey did a bit of research afterward and learned that Mike
Judge played with Juke Jumpers from 1990 - 1991, which would
have been just a year or two after OUR Mike Judge released
"Bringin' It Down" with Porcell and crew.

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