REVHQ FUN FACT December 24, 2009

Venice, CA punk band Suicidal Tendencies has gone through
numerous lineup changes in their 28-year history. If you've seen
them play in the past few years, maybe as recently as last
weekend, you may have wondered who the rest of the band members
were backing up their only original member, vocalist Mike Muir.
While not a founding member, current rhythm guitarist Mike Clark
has actually been in the band since 1987 and lead guitarist Dean
Pleasants has been with them since 1997 and also played in
Muir's funk-metal side project Infectious Grooves.

But the most recent additions to their lineup are more
well-known outside of the hardcore/punk universe. Bass player
Steve Brunner, who's been in the band since 2002, has worked
with Snoop Dogg and Erykah Badu among others. Drummer Eric Moore
has done time with everyone from Sly & The Family Stone to Bobby
Brown, and joined S.T. to replace the bass player's brother, Ron
Brunner, who was playing drums for them up until 2008.

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