REV FUN FACT Dec 21, 2009

REVHQ FUN FACT is a small journal you can read on REVHQ mail magazine.
It's actually fun thing, so I start scrapping it.

The now iconic cover of 7 Seconds' "The Crew" LP features a
high-contrast, black and white photo of band frontman Kevin
"Seconds" Marvelli along with a couple of fans singing along.
The photo was taken from the side of the stage during the song
"Out Of Touch" at a show in Los Angeles in 1984, which was also
being filmed by Flipside Fanzine for release on video. That very
moment was captured from the opposite side of the stage and from
the front, all of which can be seen on the following YouTube
video. Watch at about 5:15 when a kid with a beanie joins the
guy with the shaved head to sing along with Kevin. Further in
the video, starting at about 5:45, another show goer helps Kevin
Seconds finish singing the rest of the song, hanging out on
stage and doing backup vocals. This kid was none other than
Uniform Choice/Unity drummer Pat Longrie. Pat was also credited
as being the photographer who took the insert photo on "The
Crew" LP and was also part of The Crew's "Heavy Duty Crew Of 13
Boys Choir," doing backup vocals on the record with 12 other
people including fellow Unity member Joe Foster. Check out the
video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNDg9ov5ITI

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