Districtlines.com Rip-off?

I just ordered The Mongoloids shirts and CDs on the first day of this month.
Then I received "Orders shipped" mail on the 3rd.
It's 27th and they arestill not here.

I found bad reputations about the site.
Stick To Your Guns Myspace:
Read the comments below.
They fucking sucks.
It looks they never sent merch about 3/4.

The FAQ says I have to wait at least a month, so I'll contact them as soon as it's october.

I think such big label llike Eulogy Recordings shouldn't use the retarded company.
Why so many bands use them?
Are they more profitable?
It's because they steal money from miserable kids around the world like me.
As far as they does rip-offs, the bands and labels are fellow sinners.
STOP using such fag company please.

BTW, I also ordered GOT records and 1917 Records, and Trash Talk Collective in August.
GOT is awesome label. They always ship quickly.
1917 is not good.
I sent myspace message about when he'll ship but he ignored and my merch is still not here.
TT's ones still not received too.

It's ok shipping is delayed if they are personal label or just from band.
I could wait for 3 months.
But Districtlines is actually a company.
They really sucks.
Pay me back or ship mine right now,suckers.


他にTRASH TALKと1917 recordsも同時期に頼んだけど来てません。
1917 recordsは前回同様マイスペでメッセージ送ったけど無視されました。

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