SKTR at Wall on July 11th, 2009

The Hopeless Dew Presents "Never Means Goodbye"

The night was fucking sick especially SKTR was.
Everyone should have been there.Every band was good.
I tried HD ver. for the first time but it didn't work fine because my camera is not made for HD hahaha
I thought I could stop dropping video quality by uploading bigger ones, but it actually is not so.
I'm now uploading some videos of the rest of bands I saw(Easel, For A Reason, Misled Balds and of course The Hopeless Dew).
It takes fucking long time to upload one file because it's HD(Blu-ray) size video.
I think I didn't need to make it HD.
I tried to figure out how it works for all the day today.
What waste of time.

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