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East of Eden
East of Eden
Open your eyes, the surface swells with blinding lights
The ash that once consumed has given way to waking life
No lust for power no man is king
This world survived the fall of man until I ruined everything
Just East of Eden a failing god’s crawled up and died
Divine extinction war erupts as worlds collide
My hands are hammers and everything is nails
Dead cats, dead rats rot inside a corpse’s shell
Passersby lay sucking on a dead man’s skin
The world was free of sin before I came and made it Earth again
Destroy the moon fist-fuck the sun and rip my dying body to shreds to see that I’ve become
An outsider on a planet of peace
I bring you fear and disease Suffer my ignorance and apathy
Honestly I’ll bring your world to its knees until the pressure builds up inside of me

Son of a Bitch
Struck from the stone that the building refused
Born from a hole in my soul
Torn from a mother abused
He was a son of a bitch
Hands cut from leather ring a rope around his neck
Drop dead Drop dead Drop dead
Son of a bitch

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