Try this!
My score is 5.
I'm not that into NYHC, so the questions about it are so hard for me.
I wanted to receive the crucial shirt.

Here are the correct answers:

1. Walter formed Moondog after the dissolution of the Gorilla Biscuits, which soon became Quicksand.

2. Jimmy Gestapo is the one and only singer of Muphy's Law. The only constant in the band from day one.

3. Blastmaster KRS One is on the intro SOIA track. "Fresh for 89, Suckas!"

4. Drew and Ritchie formed Into Another (which is one of my favorite bands of all times)

5. Ray Cappo formed the Krishna conscious band Shelter.

6. CIV's real name is Anthony Civeralli.

7. Choke is rumored to be hairdresser for Vidal Sassoon!

8. The "X" was adopted as part of the sXe movement during the Teen Idles tour in 1980. They were scheduled to play a club in S.F, but they were all underage so as a compromise with the club they marked the back of their hands with an X to show not to serve alcohol to them.

9. The lead singer of Madball is Freddy Cricien, whom is the younger brother of Agnostic Front lead singer Roger Miret. At one point in time Roger as well as AF members Vinnie Stigma and Will Shepler, all played in Madball.

10. Minor Threat coined the phrase "Straight Edge."

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