I bought blue and black ones at about 2000yen by one at Uniqlo new year sale.
These are, honestly, awesome shits I bought in 2009 until now.
I still want Gray and Orange one for myself.
These are a new design for new year and it fits way better than the hoodie they ever made.
Large fits like a US small, so when I wearing this I feel a bit like I'm a scene kid because of its colorway and fit.
Not like some years ago, tight fit is trendy in Japanese hardcore scene.
When I was a new to the scene, everyone wore XL shirt and hoodie including me.
But I wore a shirt on hoodie. It's like the cover of YOT record! Fuck yeah!
Well, saying about its fablics, it looks like a ordinary hoodie but the inner fablic is fleece.
It's much hotter when doing something like a skateboard outside.
I recommend you to buy these when they are on discount again.
Because they usually are sold at 3000yen. Keep your eyes open wide on Uniqlo.

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