Japanese think bootlegging is not good.
For example, I read it in 2ch, if someone make a boot shirt of GISM, the singer of the band will find the seller's house and he will be fucked up.
But it seems American not.
They never really care if a band is already break up and old.
I want some shirts like Embrace, Crucial Youth, Crippled Youth, Gray Matter, Neg. Fx, and tons more.
I want Scream shirt but their one needs to be printed more clear.
The site says one shirt is 11 bucks and shipping to Japan is 10 bucks by 1-3 shirt.
SxE production is maybe using wholesale and he tries to sell about 35 bucks.
That really sucks. It's better ordering by each person.

This one is better.
Because they sometimes customize its design so it's not just a "record cover" shirt.
Actually I don't like that kind of shirt.
Especially this Void shirt is awesome. I really want this.

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